March 12, 2021 2 min read

It's about to get wild.

In case you've haven't noticed, there's been a dramatic shift in how everyone does business in the US.  Online shopping has increased 78% since February, and it's only going to go up.  Maybe you've noticed packages are taking longer to be delivered, 2-Day Prime items are few and far between, or that things on your shopping list are out of stock. It's only September.....

Here's what's going to happen:  Online sales are going to skyrocket as we get closer to Black Friday and the Holiday season, forcing an even heavier load on carrier services like USPS, FedEx and UPS.  We've already been informed of a shipping cost increase by USPS from October-December to help cover overtime costs.  

Experts predict that November will bring a swarm of shipping delays, missing packages, rate increases, and low inventory in 80% of online businesses.

So what can you do?


The US has now surpassed 100,000 small business closures since February.  100,000 businesses that will no longer serve or employ people of our communities.  The ones that have survived this long need all the help they can get.  Visit their stores, websites, learn about the people in your community and after you make a purchase from them - leave them a review on Google on Social Media.  Reviews are almost as valuable as your purchase! 

Shopping NOW will ensure you have a wide selection of gifts, affordable pricing, and a lesser chance of logistic errors.  Let's get our sh!t together and get through these crazy times.


Here at Basic Bits, it's getting busy already- but we're keeping up just fine.  We ship items daily and most of our customers will have their packages delivered within 3 business days.  We've noticed some issues already with inventory and it's taking us longer to restock certain items.  This will likely only get worse..... So to help everyone out who is pre-season shopping, we've got our lowest sale prices posted RIGHT NOW. 


Winter Wear is Buy 2 Get 1 Free, and the ponytail caps are 20% off 2 or More.  Grab the goods while they're still available!  


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