March 12, 2021 2 min read

I'm glad that year is over.  We're far from in the clear or "back to normal" here in Wisconsin, but we're making the best of it.  Winter has really set in with a recent 10" snowfall that was, I guess, kind of pretty.  My husband seems to be a fan of it this year and even built a snow-woman he named...... Helen. 🤔

No, he's not wearing a BB hat and no, we don't sell this style.  I think there's a story behind it about deer hunting that dates back to 1927 or something - it seems to change every time he tells it.  I think he wears it for the ridiculousness rather than the warmth. 


Let's talk about what was good in 2020 for us.

We got to spend a TON of time together and with our family.  My husband and I put a pile of miles on our Jeep, just cruising back roads, and acquired a new hobby, photographing abandoned properties. He does a pretty good job with the camera and has some nice equipment for his marketing business. 


We spoiled our dogs.  A LOT.  They went for so many rides and walks that they just assume that every time we leave, they're coming with.  Vinny turned 10 this year and appreciates going out and getting his exercise.  We've learned how to go places, even for the entire day, and take them along comfortably.
Our customers blew our mind.  The ponytail cap sales this spring and summer were insane, and we actually surpassed our competitors and became the largest distributor of ponytail caps in the US.  We expanded our wholesale program to allow other small businesses and boutiques to carry our products and have a steady flow of inventory.  It was wild, and looking back I'm not sure how our small team made it happen - but we did, so thank you to them and every one of our great customers for supporting us!
Enough of me, what about you?  Was 2020 a total shit show for you, or were you able to find some good in all the bad that was happening around us?
Drop your comments below, I love to hear from you all!

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