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As with any great idea, there comes other brands or businesses who try to expand it or improve it to snatch up some sales.  We've been getting asked about the "cross back" ponytail caps quite a bit lately, so we decided to dig in and see what the fuss was about. 

The cross back ponytail hat is not a style we normally sell, so we had to order some in from one of our competitors.  With an open mind, we started looking this design over in detail.  (Pictured on the right)

cross back ponytail cap

cross back ponytail hat

B.B. Ponytail caps have a single hole in the back above the traditional clasp section to allow you to wear your hair in a high ponytail and keep your hair off of your neck.  The hole is sized just right- big enough to comfortably pull some thick hair through, but small enough to keep everything in place and not look like part of the hat is missing.  This cross back ponytail cap has elastic straps thrown every which way and you get to blindly pull your hair through one of 7 tiny holes in hopes that you don't look ridiculous. 

The ponytail holes are small, I'm not sure you could get half of a ponytail of thick hair through them.  Check out this comparison image showing the difference in hole sizes.
(BB ponytail cap on top)

ponytail cap cross back

Now, we have had a few of our customers say "I wish I could wear my ponytail even higher, maybe I'll try the cross-back ponytail hat".  We're not sure how to reply to that, unless we literally put a hole directly in the top of the BB ponytail hat.  Y'all be walking around like Cindy Lou Who with your ponytail pointing to the sky, banging it on ceiling fans and doorways. 

This girls cute, but nobody wants their hair like that in public.  AND the cross back ponytail cap doesn't allow you to get your ponytail ANY higher than a BB ponytail cap.  See below-

bb ponytail cap vs cc cross back ponytail cap

You know what else sucks about the cross back ponytail cap?  If you DO happen to squeeze a ponytail through the ponytail holes, you're gonna be pulling and stretching the fabric to its max.  We don't anticipate these holding up as long as the traditional BB ponytail cap.

cross back ponytail cap fail points

Let's review.

Can you wear a HIGHER ponytail with the cross back cap?   NO.

Do you have more options for ponytail heights with the cross back cap?  I mean, yeah, kind of, but it's difficult to get thick hair into them. With BB Ponytail caps you can easily adjust your height of your ponytail too without the fuss of finding the right hole to put your hair through. 


EDIT: We did end up getting a few of these in by mistake in the pink distressed color from our manufacturer. Our cross backs are a much higher quality than what is pictured above, and each item is inspected prior to shipping.  Although these still aren't our favorites, we understand that some girls with short hair do like the crossbacks and have been happy with their purchase.  


Head on over to the BB Ponytail Cap collection and check out 50+ styles and colors.  We stock all items in our Wisconsin facility and ship daily!


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Brandy Elder
Brandy Elder

October 16, 2021

So I ordered a BB hat the same day I ordered a cross back hat. Got them one day apart. I don’t have thick hair but a ton of curly hair. I have to say I am in love with my BB hat and the other just doesn’t fit right. Too small and I know I will be adjusting it. Sooo my second BB hat is on the way!! Thank you for making great products and being a BOSS!!


July 01, 2020

I have been eyeing these hats since they started popping up on Facebook Ads. I finally gave in and I just got my first BB hat and I am IN LOVE with it. I haven’t taken it off since i got it. We went on a road trip to Reno the day my hat arrived and I even slept in the car with it on. It’s so comfortable. I saw the cross back hats and debated on the two, but I’m so happy I chose this brand.
I don’t normally feel comfortable going anywhere unless I’ve had my hair and makeup done. I’m so insecure and uncomfortable in my own skin, but today i posted two makeup free photos with my messy bun BB hat!
I have already gotten so many complements on my hats. I’m definitely buying more when I can. Thank you for making this!

Renee Dishman
Renee Dishman

June 30, 2020

I debated about which one would be better. I like the fact that I can move my pony up or down some once I get it in. I didn’t think about the fact that I would have to worry about the elastic losing it’s grip had I got the other brand. Thank you for making a superior product 👍 you guys are awesome 😎

Alice Kaeka
Alice Kaeka

June 30, 2020

I love my hat from you guys. I was questioning the zig zag one also as how it would work. I’m happy with your version.

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