March 12, 2021 1 min read

I was fed up. 
I loved shopping online but was tired of long shipping times and disappointment when I got my items. Nothing looked as good as the pictures online and I spent way too much time tracking purchases or trying to return defective items. I had enough.
It was time to change the online buying experience for women's accessories.
I created and launched Basic Bits in 2018 and swore I would inspect every single item that goes through my store. Every order would be shipped the next day and I would sign the package with a personal -Thank You.
We won't sell junk, we will take real pictures and write excellent descriptions. I'll answer my emails and phone calls and take care of my customers. This is how a business should be ran.
Fast forward to 2020 and all these things are still true. We've shipped over 40,000 items to beautiful women all over the country while maintaining a 99.8% satisfaction rating and 5 star product reviews.
We're Basic Bits, but we're far from basic. Come see how online shopping should be and support my small business. I appreciate each and every customer and will take care of all your women's accessory needs for years to come!
- Ashley

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