June 07, 2021 2 min read

I feel like it's been cold in Wisconsin for the last 10 months.  FINALLY, we've had a streak of 4-5 days that it's been over 85 degrees and I'm in heaven.  The warm weather seems to be bringing everyone out and it is so great to see families, friends, and others getting out and enjoying their life again.  My husband and I live in the southwest corner of Wisconsin right next to the Mississippi river.  We're blessed to have plenty of outdoor adventures near us and we LOVE spending time in or near the water.  Last weekend, we jumped on the kayaks and headed out on the backwaters and found a nice sand beach to hang out on for the afternoon.  Yeah, it was a hot (93 degrees) but I had my BB Ponytail cap on, so I was able to keep my face shaded, prevent my scalp from burning, and keep my hair off of my neck.  These are SUCH a lifesaver in the summer.  -Please excuse my husbands ridiculous Pit Viper sunglasses, for some reason he thinks they're trendy - I just let him do his thing, haha!

It was time for our Jeep Grand Cherokee to be traded in a few weeks ago and we decided to try something different.  My husband always has a project going and wanted a truck, but we didn't want a full size pickup as our daily driver - so we found this rig;  A Jeep Gladiator!  It's literally everything we want in a vehicle, it has a truck bed, removable top, easy parking, adventure ready, and looks pretty cool too.  The other vehicle in our garage is a convertible car, so we're big fans of being able to be "topless".  The Gladiator is no exception, we've had the top off more than it's been on and my BB Ponytail Cap has been a life saver when we are driving.  The wind is whipping, sun rays pounding in - and I'm comfortable in my BB cap.  No tangled hair, no sun burn on my face, just us and the open road. 

I hope your summer is off to a good start, too!  Last year was such a bummer for many people, don't forget that each day is a gift that we need to live it to the fullest.  Go see your family, hang out with old friends, go on plenty of dates, and make some memories! 

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