Wash & Care

Your BB hats, scarves and gloves may need to be cleaned on occasion to keep things fresh and fluffy.  Here's how you do it with ease-

We recommend hand washing with a mild detergent and cold water only.  The cold water helps maintain the colors and will prevent them from bleeding. 

Here comes the fluff!  LOW HEAT or NO HEAT!  I'll admit it, I've ruined a few hats by forgetting this part.  If you dry a pom on a higher heat setting, it can make your fur go from flashy to frizzle.  If your hats shrink up a bit, don't stress it, a quick tug around the base and they'll go right back to that perfect fit.  So once again, LOW or NO heat.  If you are afraid of scorching your Pom since every dryer temps can and will be different you can always avoid the dryer all together and lay your hats flat to air dry.

**Baby hats CANNOT be put in dryer, they MUST air dry**


Washing Instructions for Shirts

  • Do not dry clean
  • Wash garments inside out
  • Choose cold water temperatures for the wash
  • Use mild detergents and NO softeners
  • Air dry only
  • Do not iron directly on design