Thank you for your interest in our wholesale program. Basic Bits is a growing small business and we are dedicated to customer service and quality products. Our brand is recognized nationwide and we'd love nothing more than to help others grow their own business too. Because we care about all of our retailers, we do have some restrictions on resale of our products.
  • Retailers may not sell BB brand products on an online marketplace below the current listed price on the Basic Bits website.
  • BB brand products may not be sold on eBay or Amazon for any price at any time. No exceptions.
  • Please note that not all of our products on our site are available for purchase via Wholesale. 
If BB brand products seem like a good fit for your business, please visit our online Wholesale Store by clicking "Shop Wholesale" below: 
You can also email us directly at ashley@yourbasicbits.com to request a direct quote if you are not a Faire Wholesale Buyer. 

I'm looking forward to helping you grow your business! Thanks for considering Basic Bits for a supplier! - Ashley Markus, Owner, Basic Bits