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We hear it every day. 

- "There's already a ponytail hole in all hats."
- "Why would I want two holes in my hat?"
- "Duh, why would I want my ponytail or messy bun up high?"

Listen ladies,  I was simple minded once too.  I didn't even wear baseball cap style hats for years, because I thought I would look dumb in them.  Turns out, I actually look good in ball caps, but adding the higher ponytail hole has been a total game changer. 

I encourage you to step out of your fabricated comfort zone and hear me out.

A BB Ponytail Cap with a high ponytail hole is, simply, amazing. 

Ponytail Cap

Here is why a BB Ponytail cap is better than your boyfriend's snap-back hat that "already has a hole in the back". 🙄  (Besides it looks like a dudes hat and smells like sweaty man).

Wearing a BB Ponytail Cap
- Keeps longer hair up higher and off your neck/shoulders, also keeping you cooler in the summer or in the gym.

-It's more comfortable.  The high-ponytail hole will hold your hair in place better and with less pressure than just hanging out the back of a hat.  I swear, every women who owns one of these will guarantee this statement.

- Less bounce and chance of your hair tie coming loose when you're active.  Are you a runner?  I'm not, but if I was I'd have every style and color BB ponytail cap.  Looking fly as hell running around parks and streets, or wherever you runners run at.

- You can wear a messy bun. (Try that with your boyfriends snap-back) It's simple, it's cute, people love seeing a girl with a messy bun.  It gives off that vibe like- "I'm wearing my hair like this because I don't give a sh*t today and I'm still gorgeous".  Also known as confidence. 

- YOU CAN WEAR A MESSY BUN.  This deserves being on my list twice.  I can't tell you how many days I've been out the door 10 minutes after waking up, throwing on a BB ponytail cap with a messy bun, and still looked put together.  It'll literally change your life.  This is step one in getting more free time.  (Maybe step two, behind quitting your job).

You don't have to just take my word for it.  We've got 10k+ satisfied customers wearing B.B. Ponytail caps all over the country.  Here's what some of them have to say.

-I love my BB hat for holding my bun in place while I workout. Super cute and comfortable, Great quality,  Good alternative for days when dry shampoo can't even save ya 😂

-I bought this hat to wear for my messy hair days or when I just don't have time to style it. I love that I can wear my hair up in a real ponytail or even a bun with this hat! The mesh sides help keep my head cooler while I'm working out or on a hot day.

-Excellent product! This hat is fun and easy to wear. The ponytail hats are the ONLY hats for me! The silver glitter really stands out and I have had so many compliments! Way to go BB!!

-So far, I have ordered 3 hats from basic bits! All ponytail caps and I love them!! They fit great and keep my hair up!! And all 3 have come with a personal note from the owner! I love that she takes the time to do this!!

-I love using this hat for anything outdoors! A cute way to keep my pony tail secure whether running, boating, yard work, or just solving a bad hair day!

-I always wear my hair up and could never find a cap that would accommodate my ponytail, and now I have! Just love it!

-Finally...a hat designed for comfort and style! I've always preferred high ponytails/buns and now being able to wear my hat with them is perfect!

bb ponytail cap

ponytail cap


So there you have it.  I've given you plenty of reasons why our ponytail caps have that extra hole and why you need one.  We've got dozens of styles and colors if you're ready to be amazed.  Check them out! 


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Stephanie T Hahn
Stephanie T Hahn

October 16, 2021

I absolutely love these hats!! I just ordered my 3rd one! Perfect for those days you don’t want to do your hair! Great price and loved getting my package with a personal thank you written on the package!! Way to go above and beyond!

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